The primary task at the opening the office is to carry out a marketing:

Number of people living in your area
– Partner activity
– Profitability of opening an office
– Investment opportunity of the region

If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact the main office of the company. The company is ready to provide you with any marketing and legal assistance. Our specialists will help you in completing legal documents, as well as provide any assistance in the early stages. After bilateral approval, you can proceed with the selection of premises, staff and so on.
Now the company is preparing to open offices in Europe and in the world, in which tens of thousands of employees and managers will work. All these people work as one well-coordinated mechanism. Thanks to initiative people and support from the company, all these people work for the common good. Do not stay in the shadows. It’s time to act!

Five Winds Asset Management is pleased to be involved in the development and growth of capital and partners